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Honeycomb conveyor belt is consist of flat wire and support rod,the edge finish including welded and clinched edge.The main applications are food processing like baking,drying,freezing and washing.This flat wire belt have large opening area and flat surface that suitable for drying with its great air permeability.The materials used for making honeycomb belt mesh are SUS304,SUS316 and carbon steel,it must be use food grade stainless steel when the belting used for food conveyor machine.
When a conveyor line need replace the honeycomb belting,please have a measurement about the following specification details or send a small piece of sample,we can help to complete the specification measurements.It is very easy for joining the stainless steel honeycomb conveyor belt,only need insert the straight cross rod.The belt is driven by stainless steel and nylon sprockets,we can design the sprocket by the outer diameter and bore diameter.
  • Overall belt width
  • Cross rod pitch
  • Cross rod diameter
  • Flat strip pitch
  • Flat strip height and thickness
  • Material
Common flat wire size:
1.0mm x 10mm,1.0mm x 12mm
1.5mm x 10mm,1.5mm x 12mm,1.5mm x 15mm
2.0mm x 10mm,2.0mm x 12mm,2.0mm x 15mm

Rod pitch of honeycomb belt:

Edge types: welded,clinched,chain edge

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