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Balanced weave mesh belt is the most popular part used for a food processing conveyor equipment,the edge finish include welded edge and knuckled salvage,banlaced belts can be easy installed and have a low cost maintenance,it is friction drive belt and joint by a crimped wire,the crimped wire can be thicker than the spiral wire,so the construction will be more durability.Chain drive balance weave belts are available for 08B,10B,12A,16A,C2040,C2042,C2050,C2060,C2080.
Not only the food processing,balanced mesh belt also used for ceramic,glass,metal working,annealing oven and cement industry.When you replace the old belting,we will teach how to measure the wire and pitch to make sure the new one is same.
Carbon Steel
Mn Steel Wire

Normal balanced weave
Double balanced weave
Cordweave balanced weave
Compound balanced weave

Applications: biscuits,tortilla baking,glass industry.


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