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  • Enrober Conveyor Belt Netting
Enrober Conveyor Belt Netting

Enrober Conveyor Belt Netting

Enrober conveyor netting is a ladder type belt with a light weight and flat surface,it mainly used for chocolate enrobring,seafood coating,meat battering machine,the enrober belt is driven by sprockets and rollers,we can design the teeth number according to the pitch of the belt.

Our enrober belting used for the following conveyor:
  • Straight enrober conveyor 
  • 90 degree enrober conveyor 
  • 180 degree enrober conveyor 
Wire diameter: 1mm,1.2mm,1.4mm,1.5mm,1.57mm,1.6mm,1.8mm,2mm,2.34mm,2.5mm,2.8mm
Pitch: 4.5mm,5mm,5.5mm,6mm,6.4mm,7.26mm,9mm,10mm,12.7mm,14mm,15mm
Material: SUS203,SUS316,Spring wire

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